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Sons of Fenris. Warriors of the All Father. The Space Wolves. 

This one belongs to Gunnar Red Moon’s Great Company. 

Any jokes about them being “furries” receives a swift bonk on the head. 

Because seriously: they kill wolves and wear their pelts to show how badass they are. Sometimes they tame fenrisian wolves (and thunderwolf cavalry was an admitted derp-moment from Mr. Kelly), but has been part of their fluff for years now. 

The wolves are totem animals to the sons of Fenris because of the ferocity of the apex predator of that ice ball of a planet. The wolves thrive where everything else cowers in fear. It’s the same with the Astartes of the planet: they thrive in a galaxy where others hide. They are apex predators. And they love the thrill of the hunt. They wield boltguns one-handed, for feth’s sake, that’s how hard they are! 

They have also managed to invent a beverage that can get Space Marines drunk. Admirable. And with their organisation, they technically spit on the Codex: Astartes. Marvellous! 

Done in about 2 hrs in ball-point pen. 

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